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See your business in full color

Effortlessly merge and analyze sales data, so you can spend less time in spreadsheets, and more time on what matters to your business.

Frustrated with chaotic data?

Knowing how much you've sold is critical to running a small business. Unfortunately, sales data is coming from multiple sales channels, and getting it in one place is a painstaking manual task.

Kaleidoscope is here to help! We think your energy should go into running your business - not wading through a mire of data.

Get clear and actionable insights

Our software makes it easy for you to combine and organize your messy data, and then get insights on best selling products, trends over time, and more - all without needing to be an expert.

Be an early adopter

Sign up to try out the product early! It's still under development - we'll get in touch when it's ready for customers.

Meet the team

The Kaleidoscope team is made up of industry leaders, software engineers and user-centric designers who love solving problems to help businesses succeed!