Imagine the possibilities.

We believe that with the right technology, anyone will have the power to explore scenarios, compare outcomes, and see more possibilities, in order to move forward more confidently in their business decisions.

We are working to create that technology.

Michael Gould
Michael Gould, 
CEO and Founder

In the words of our Founder.

"We're working on something special: A platform that will enable you to build a model of your world that naturally reflects how it works - quickly, easily, and without limitations!"

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Who we are


combined years' experience in the planning and modeling space


Excited? We're working on it!

If you want to reinvent a whole category of software, it's no mean feat. We expect it to take some time. Wondering what are we doing right now?



We're performing in-depth, in-person research with people around the world and across multiple industries, to understand more about their goals and challenges in decision-making.

Email us at if you’re interested in participating in user research and helping us help you.


We're evaluating different constructs and experiences that will enable our users to model their world, explore different possibilities, and make good decisions.

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