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Our Vision

At Kaleidoscope, our mission is to help people make bold decisions, that have a positive impact on the world around them.

Transformative outcomes

We believe that every person has great expertise about the things that matter to them. By combining this human insight with the right technology, there is enormous potential to achieve transformative outcomes!

Using our platform, anyone will be able to configure a system that accurately represents the world they work in and influence - be it business, philanthropy, government, or anything in between. Equipped with such a technology, they will be able to understand their world more clearly, explore possible futures, and arrive at better decisions to make a real impact.

Our platform

In order to achieve the vision above, we believe our platform must do the following:


Enable users to assemble a system that meets their organization's specific needs, without training or technical expertise.

Users will start with __Bundles__ that are built around specific organizational needs - e.g. sales analysis, demand forecasting, or product costing. A user can pick and choose what is relevant to them, configure it to reflect their exact requirements, and then use it for daily operations.


Help users organize and understand their data.

Data is key to making informed decisions. Therefore, users must be able to easily combine data from disparate sources, keep it up-to-date and accurate, and organize it so that it is easy to understand, explore, and get insights.


Enable users to model out scenarios and see impacts.

Doing the above will eventually build up a model that reflects an organization as a whole, including its past, present, and future. This gives users a foundation on which to explore and play with decisions in an ad hoc, flexible way - enabling them see the full impact of any action before taking it.



Currently we are focusing on providing a Bundle for a very small, but very fundamental business need: Analyzing product sales.


Meanwhile, we are exploring additional use cases with specific types of small business. We intend to build out Bundles for these next, based on our learnings.


We plan to establish an ecosystem in which domain experts around the world can build Bundles for their area of specialty, and make them available to any customer. Users can start with the templates most suited to their needs, and then customize, connect, and expand them into an end-to-end model of their business that they actually understand.


We like to dream about where this could go in the long run. We have set out some "Missions to Mars", long-term goals for the new platform that are ludicrously ambitious and yet not completely impossible. Here's one:

Worldwide carbon-free future

Domain experts in energy, climate, and sustainability can build sophisticated Kaleidoscope Bundles that make it possible for governments, organizations, businesses, and individuals to work together toward a worldwide carbon free future!