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Our Product

Kaleidoscope helps you combine and organize your sales data, so that you can get insights in no time.


Combine and organize data

We have a unique way of combining and organizing data, which allows for the differences in data coming from different channels.


Identify matching items

Often, different channels have different names for the same products. No problem! You can link up matching items in our system, and then you'll never have to deal with this problem again.


Data is connected & reuseable

Data is connected and reusable, so you have one source of truth, and as new data comes in, all of your views and insights automatically update.


Simplicity is key

You don't need to be a data analyst to get insights. Data is automatically organized to support small businesses who make and sell products across multiple channels. Using these built-in structures, you can easily slice & dice your data to view it by channel, time period, or any product category, so that you can look for trends, outliers, and more.

Be an early adopter

Sign up to try out the product early! It's still under development - we'll get in touch when it's ready for customers.